Parkour Meets Tag, World Chase Tag Videos You Need to See

What started as a group of friends having fun in their backyard has turned into an international competitive sport. World Chase Tag is a carefully crafted mix of parkour and the childhood game of tag.

World Chase Tag Videos

Competitors take turns chasing and evading each other in a small arena filled with obstacles and platforms that look like they came from your local parkour facility. World Chase Tag had their first invitational event in 2017 and are now partnering with groups around the world to hold their own local World Chase Tag competitions.

来帮助你u understand this amazing new sport, we've compiled a list of videos that cover the basics and showcase some of the exciting aspects of the competitions.

From Humble Beginnings to the Main Stage

This video from AFP covers the basics of the competition and interviews with the sports founders.


Seeing adults run around an arena and slide under obstacles in an attempt to tag another adult is actually pretty fun to watch.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Not every round is easily won. But when you do win, and win 4 rounds in a row, it's a victory worth celebrating.

Forming a Team

Groups of Parkour enthusiasts are forming official teams to compete in local competitions. They're even making their own promo videos, like this one.

YouTube Stars Were Invited to Participate

A group of Parkour YouTubers were invited to participate in the first official competition, and as YouTubers do, they vlogged their way to the event.

We're excited to see where World Chase Tag goes. Who knows, this could be the next America Ninja Warrior.

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